Corset – what is it, how to choose it and how does it work? Advise!

A corset is a garment that has been helping to shape a woman’s figure for centuries. Now the corsets are back in favor! Do you want to know how to choose the right part of your wardrobe and how to go shopping? Do slimming models really help get rid of unnecessary centimeters in the waist? You will learn everything from our guide!

What is a corset? What do you wear it for?
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A corset is a part of a woman’s wardrobe, which is designed to stiffen the entire torso, slim the waist and enhance the bust. Some models also help firm the skin. What is the corset worn for? A moment after putting on and properly lacing you will get the effect of a slimmed and underlined waist. If you want this look to last longer, then the corset should be worn every day for several hours a day.

Does the slimming corset really work?

Real corsets made of hard materials and equipped with metal underwires are able to remove a few unnecessary centimeters from the belly area after prolonged and regular wearing. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that after some time the figure will not return to its previous appearance. Such clothing is primarily a decoration that makes the silhouette take a beautiful hourglass shape. A similar effect of slimming the waist can also be obtained with corsets without metal underwires. You only need to tie it well and you can build many interesting stylizations with it!

How does the slimming corset work? We answer!

You already know if the slimming corset helps you lose weight. It cannot be denied that it improves the appearance of the body, but only superficially – tightly tied slims the figure and visibly shows the waistline. A similar effect can be achieved with ordinary corsets without metal underwires. If you want to hide a few extra centimeters and for a special occasion look dazzling with a slightly slimmed waist, then reach for the corset. If you choose a beautifully decorated model, you can also wear it on top without hesitation. Some corsets can be worn even without a bra, because they can perfectly emphasize the bust themselves!

When is the best time to start wearing a corset?

Every woman can wear a corset and there is always a good time to start her adventure with such clothes. If you want to experiment with fashion and introduce this addition to your stylizations, then there is nothing to wait for! Remember, however, not to squeeze too hard at once. Give yourself time to get used to this type of clothing and make it comfortable to wear for you. The first lacing of the corset may seem complicated (especially if you do it yourself), but after a few assumptions you can easily tie it and unfasten it in a few moments. This piece of clothing is perfect for larger outings, a romantic date, and even every day, e.g. when you put on a corset on a simple white shirt or a looser dress to emphasize your waistline. This clothes will allow you to get your dream hourglass figure in a few moments!