Female difficulties in building muscle tissue

Many ladies dream of a beautiful, modeled figure. However, dreams of a flat sculpted belly, shapely thighs and firm, round buttocks are very difficult to realize. This is because the fair sex builds muscle tissue much more slowly. Have you ever wondered what caused this slow down process? What are the positive aspects of muscle growth? Here are a few words of explanation

Advantages of having strong muscles

I will have a beautiful, aesthetic figure – dissatisfaction with the appearance of my body appears not only because of excess body fat. Unused flabby muscles causing lack of body firmness. With the right choice of training and diet, you can shape a beautiful belly, slender thighs and get rid of all the complexes related to the aesthetic aspects of your figure.

I will be more confident – your muscles will not only make you feel more physical strength, but you will increase your attractiveness. Strengthening the chest, back and abdomen will straighten your figure. Your steady gait will make you perceive in your environment as a woman who knows what she wants. If you feel good in your body, it will be much easier for you to make good interpersonal contacts. This will have a positive effect in both professional and private life

waist trainers UK – I will be more efficient – life is full of moments when you have to face many challenges. Everyday activities, e.g. carrying shopping, playing with children, running to the bus require physical fitness. Thanks to the exercises you will avoid pain. Muscle growth will make your body work better throughout the day. Improving strength and fitness will certainly result in greater comfort of life
I will prevent aging – athletic women always look younger and more attractive than women who underestimate physical activity. With age, there is a loss of muscle mass and strength. You can prevent sarcopenia by regularly strengthening our muscles. It is assumed that inactive people from 25 years of age lose from 0.5% -1% of muscle mass per year. If you want to get up easily from your armchair in old age, you need to take care of your body today. The movement oxygenates the body cells, the skin is regenerated and your face looks younger. Your firm body will make you a few years younger in the mirror than your PESEL number shows 😉

The positive aspects of having muscles have already been mentioned. Now let’s think why women find it harder to build muscle tissue.

Bad training

In fitness clubs, stereotypical sex dimorphism has adopted. “Women occupy aerobes and men lift weights.” Is it really worth wading in this blind current? Many women avoid weight-bearing exercises because they are afraid of rapid muscle growth.
Of course, aerobic exercises help in building fitness and fat burning, but by training only on a treadmill and elliptical cross trainer you will never get the dream results. Long aerobic sessions can even lead to blockage of protein synthesis (overtrained muscles cannot rebuild).

If you care about a beautiful figure, grab a barbell, dumbbell and do strengthening exercises. Properly arranged training will quickly bring you closer to your intended goal. If you are afraid that your muscles will suddenly grow and you will look like a professional athlete doing bodybuilding, know that building such a body requires many years of hard training and strict diet (sometimes unlawful hormonal support).

Hormone swirls

The female hormonal economy is closely related to the menstrual cycle. That is why ladies are so sensitive to energy supply, mental stress and physical activity. Compared to men, the woman’s body has a much smaller amount of testosterone, which is a strong anabolic (supports muscle building), which is why men’s effects of strength training are much faster. However, nothing is impossible, with regular exercise you will certainly get an increase in muscle tissue.

Too little food and poor quality, shapewear UK

Here we can delve into the female psyche. Ladies are often afraid to use the intended energy surplus, living in the conviction that calories will turn into fat, not muscle. Stress related to weight gain blocks the possibility of building muscle tissue. Initially, you can build muscle on a caloric deficit, but over time, using this practice blocks development and hard workouts have no effect, and the time spent training goes to waste. The excess energy should not be used in the form of a donut and sugared coffee, but as a well-balanced diet. It is also worth adding that ladies who use only a slimming diet in the absence of physical activity can only get weight loss, stretched skin and worsen their health. Avoid unhealthy eating approaches if you want to get a firm and flexible body.

Muscle building by women is not so easy. However, it should be remembered that muscle tissue accelerates our metabolism, improves physical fitness and attractiveness of the figure. Thanks to properly programmed workouts and a well-balanced diet, you can quickly get the body you dream about, and in addition you will gain in health