How to choose windows?

The choice of windows is one of the most important decisions that must be made when arranging the space of a house, apartment or office. From our article you will learn why it is worth to bet on PVC windows, what are the advantages of wooden windows and why aluminum windows are often the chosen option for office buildings. You will learn about the advantages of warm installation and gain the necessary knowledge about PVC, wooden and aluminum windows.

PVC windows

It is the optimal solution for all types of buildings: from apartments, through houses (including basements), to office buildings and public facilities. They are durable, stable and depending on the number of chambers, glazing units and other factors, they can be distinguished by excellent thermal and sound insulation parameters. With all this they are light. They are easy to install, which is not insignificant for the construction team.

Plastic windows are easy to clean because they do not require special maintenance, such as wooden windows. They are also comfortable to use, resistant to rain, moisture and chemicals. White profiles do not turn yellow – they retain their color even after many years of use. The color of PVC window frames can be customized to individual customer needs – they can also imitate the grain rings that are visible on wooden windows.

The undoubted advantage of PVC windows is also the possibility of adapting their shape to the architecture of the building. In Ekoplast Kraków offer, we will make windows of various shapes for you: round, trapezoidal, triangular, etc. We will also equip plastic windows with additional anti-burglary protection, such as special bolts or catches.

If you care about the highest-class energy-saving solution, thanks to which you save on electricity bills and create the right climate at home (less need for heating rooms has a positive effect on our health – the air maintains the right humidity at the same time pleasant temperature), put on energy-saving windows. You can easily find such in the offer of Ekoplast Kraków plastic windows.

The undoubted advantage of PVC windows is also the relatively low price while maintaining high quality of the product. No wonder most customers choose them. If you care about a functional and aesthetic simple solution for an apartment, house or office, we strongly recommend plastic windows. For more information, please call us or contact us via the contact form on the Ekoplast Kraków website or visit one of our showrooms.

Wooden windows

It is an offer for customers who above all value ecological solutions and have a high demand associated with it, which cannot be satisfied by energy-saving PVC plastic windows. It is also an option for people who care about the special appearance of the house and the natural, warm interior design. Wooden windows are a premium product, which is also associated with a higher price.

Wooden windows, like plastic ones, are stiff, which is why they are great for constructions with large glazing. The wood from which the profiles are made must be of high quality. The windows are durable thanks to the glued construction. The process of their production is complicated, which has its good sides, because the result is a well-refined top-class product.

They are slightly more difficult to maintain because they require maintenance once every few years. The frequency of maintenance depends on the window covering. Scratches or damage caused on them can be easily repaired. Deciding on wooden windows, however, you need to pay attention to the level of humidity in the house – in rooms with a high degree of humidity, wooden windows require adequate protection. Properly cared for can serve dozens of years.

Wooden windows, due to their appearance, give the room a unique atmosphere and make the interior more cozy. They perfectly complement and emphasize wooden decor elements, such as beams or even furniture. They can be in painted or varnished version, with visible grain of natural wood. Like plastic windows, they can be made in any shape, emphasizing the architecture of the building. Wooden windows can be equipped with anti-burglar protection.

Aluminum windows

These are often chosen windows for public buildings and office buildings, but more and more often customers appreciate their advantages and choose as windows for their private homes. Aluminum windows are lighter than plastic or wooden – they are as durable as PVC windows and even outperform them. It might seem that due to the aluminum frame the solution is not energy efficient. Nothing could be more wrong! The use of the latest thermal insulation materials allows for great thermal insulation.

Aluminum is a durable, stable and plastic material, and additionally extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions. The properties of this material mean that aluminum windows do not deform like those made of PVC, which is their great advantage. What’s more, the use of aluminum allows the creation of narrow profiles, so that the glass can be much larger, and thus increase the amount of sunlight in the room.

Aluminum care is extremely simple. These windows do not require special treatment. Once every few months, wipe the windows with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agents, but if the windows are heavily soiled, use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.

The colors of aluminum windows are almost unlimited. Models imitating wood have become the most popular, however, the color of natural aluminum is also the color of choice. An interesting solution is the choice of two-colored windows, i.e. other inside and outside the building.

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