The most expensive regions and districts in Spain

What’s up on the real estate market? What are the prices of flats compared to previous years? Which areas and districts are most popular among property buyers? We invite you to read the article that will dispel doubts among future buyers of an apartment on the Iberian Peninsula.

Average prices per m2 depending on the location

In the first quarter of 2019 statistics on Spanish housing prices for the previous year were released. According to Precio Viviendas, the average price per square meter was EUR 1.992, with a cumulative increase of 4.93% over the last 12 months. Based on these data, it can be concluded that, on average, a flat in Spain costs EUR 195 293.

Price increases during the last year were recorded in the Balearic Islands, by 10.45%, which gives EUR 2,746, and the least in Murcia, where prices have only slightly changed compared to previous years. Catalonia remains a leader when it comes to housing prices, here you have to pay approx. EUR 2.813 per square meter, Madrid with EUR 2.697 comes third.

Costa Blanca – an ideal place to invest in real estate

The Costa Blanca region is also very popular. Due to their diversity of terrain, both people seeking an active lifestyle and blissful laziness will be satisfied. The most expensive city in this part of the Iberian Peninsula is Benidorm, called “Spanish Manhattan”, which can immediately suggest the prices we will meet here and the style of the city itself, which is full of various entertainment, both day and night. A square meter in the most expensive district of the city of Playa de Levante costs here 3105 EUR, and in the cheapest Centro Urbano 1658 EUR. These amounts depend on the distance from the sea and the city center itself. If we are looking for a quieter place, and at the same time cheaper, then Denia will be perfect. There, we will pay on average less than EUR 2,000 per square meter. Denia is a beautiful, historical city, near which is the famous Montgó Natural Park. It may not offer as many attractions to Benidorm, but it makes up for nature. Probably the cheapest city in this part of Spain is Muchamiel, located 30 kilometers from Alicante. Here we will find houses for which we will pay a square meter from 1058 EUR. Already for EUR 24,000 – 45,000 you can become the owner of an apartment with up to three bedrooms. This city is intended for tourists, it is a starting point for exploring the other parts of the Costa Blanca.

Balearic Islands – a paradise for tourists

The Balearic Islands have always enjoyed great interest among potential real estate buyers, especially those from abroad. This archipelago consists of several islands, of which Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza are the most popular. Currently, over 70% of the population is employed here in the services sector and lives on tourism. Every year, Balearic Islands are visited by 5 million tourists. However, this place is ready to welcome such a multitude of people – infrastructure, communication and recreational complexes are at the highest level here.

Cities like Barcelona or Madrid, apart from being crowded with tourists, are becoming a destination for young people looking for work. A deserted province for large agglomerations that offer better living and earning conditions.

The capital of Spain has over 6 million inhabitants, is divided into 21 districts, of which the most famous is Centro, which is the very heart of Madrid and at the same time the oldest district in the city. Here you can find the most beautiful monuments of Spain, including Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, Basilica de San Miguel, Palace of Abrantes, Plaza de España, Prado Museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and many other great places. Centro, divided into areas: Palacio, Embajadores, Cortes, Universidad and Sol.

Sol – is a lively district. There are many bars serving tapas and Spanish cuisine – a paradise for tourists tired of visiting who want to taste local flavors. In the Sol area we will also find the famous “zero kilometer” from which all distances are measured.
Embajadores – this is where the Lavapiés area is located, where the remains of various cultures (including Muslim, Jewish, African and Gypsy) meet. We will meet street musicians here, as well as many restaurants offering oriental cuisine. However, you need to be careful in this area, watch out for personal belongings and it’s best not to go after dark.
Universidad – this is where Calle Fuencarrel street runs, where many shops of the largest European brands are located. The district offers modern services, and there are also many restaurants and pubs in it, where we can taste the best Spanish flavors, as well as drink delicious coffee.

In Barcelona, ​​the Born (El Born) district, which has transformed into one of the trendiest places in Catalonia, enjoys interest. This is where businessmen and artists meet, and the whole cream of Barcelona bohemia hangs out. Local cafes and restaurants are full of people. In addition, fashionable boutiques offer vintage items scattered somewhere in the narrow streets remembering the ancient times. Most of the district is a quiet corner where life goes on without haste. It is no wonder that Born has become one of the most valued places to live and one of the most expensive parts of Barcelona when it comes to housing prices.