The most interesting places in Amsterdam


During the day, it would be a good idea to go to one of the parks in Amsterdam to sunbathe in the sun and have a picnic with food from the supermarket. Amsterdam has many cozy cafes and restaurants on the canals, and I highly recommend having dinner in one of them at least once while in Amsterdam, but it is quite expensive, while eating from the supermarket is much cheaper. I recommend shopping in Lidl. Just google the nearest store if you have wifi or an offline map.

In addition, you can combine a meal with a review of performances in Vondelpark or try unique coffee or food from one of the festivals in the city parks.

North Amsterdam

North Amsterdam is less known by tourists, so you will not go there in endless crowds, which local residents love. It is a residential area with some interesting bars and unique places. It is also a great place for cycling, because here you can not be afraid of collision with a car, tram and other cyclists at the same time.

To get there, take the free ferry that runs from the Central Station and crosses the largest canal in Amsterdam in just 5-10 minutes.

Boats and sun on the pier

My favorite free and interesting place in Amsterdam, which is also little known by tourists, is the pier at the bar called Hannekes Boom, where you can feel a local resident of Amsterdam. You can take a beer at the bar, sit down with your own food or just relax and enjoy the sun. This bar has the atmosphere of a yard of a distant friend with awnings and tables.

Some sit at the tables, some sit on the pier with dangling legs and talk or sunbathe, some get on or off the boat with 15-20 others. Everyone is friendly and kind, some just come to the pier to help others, people they don’t know, moor the boat. Wonderful place!

Begijnhof courtyard

The Begijnhof is a wonderful and quiet place in the center of Amsterdam, a green yard with a large lawn, an amazing place to rest somewhere between the attractions and interesting places of Amsterdam from your trip. Finding this place is not an easy task, it seems. The entrance is quite small, but tourists entering there can help you find it. The entrance to the yard is located on Spui Square.

Letters Ā«I AMsterdamĀ»

A must-see place in Amsterdam that is worth seeing to every tourist visiting this beautiful city is the sign “I AMsterdam”, next to which it is worth photographing. Well, I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to stand in a queue to have a picture where I lay on the letter “m” with a crowd of tourists surrounding me and waiting for their turn.

There are several such signs. I know three, one in front of Schiphol Airport, one near the main train station and one in the Museum Square (Museumsplein) in front of the Rijskmuseum.

Unlike the last two interesting places in Amsterdam, this attraction is very typical.

The narrowest house in the world

No wonder Amsterdam has the smallest house in the world. In the past, the wider the house, the more expensive it was because the canal seat is much more luxurious and expensive to maintain.

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The house is only 2 meters wide and 5 meters deep. It is located at Oude Hoogstraat 22. Try to notice it, this is not an easy task? .
Other interesting places in Amsterdam that are worth seeing in the summer

Other interesting places of Amsterdam that are worth seeing in the summer of 2017, which I can recommend are other markets. Bloemenmarkt is the most touristic and crowded, and some others are no less interesting and vivid.

Another interesting thing to do in Amsterdam is cycling. You need at least 30 minutes to get used to tracking all the bikes, cars, trams and people around you, but then you won’t have much trouble with it.

If you are a fan of organ music, you can come to one of the free dinner concerts (during lunch, won’t you get food there?) In the churches of Amsterdam.

Most of the museums in the city are paid and relatively expensive, but in Amsterdam there are several free museums that you can visit. Some of them are Schuttersgalerij (Border Guard Gallery) and the Amsterdam archive with a collection of treasures.

In Amsterdam, as in many other cities, you can take part in free walking tours. If you do not want to walk in a group, you can download the route or the application with attractions and interesting places in Amsterdam for free.

In the city, you can also visit the public library for free and enjoy city views from the top floor.