Are VEKA windows a good choice? We check prices and user reviews

VEKA is a German brand that produces windows and window profiles. The company also manufactures in Poland and in many other countries around the world. VEKA windows and VEKA profiles are very popular and reputable. VEKA profile windows are available on the market, primarily plastic windows, but also balcony doors. This manufacturer has very good reviews for many years, due to the fact that its window profiles are among the best profiles available on the market – triple glazing

VEKA windows and VEKA profiles – basic information and prices

VEKA manufactures PVC windows in various profiles that have a very good reputation and are therefore eagerly chosen by customers. Rich finish and colors are also available. Thanks to the special colors, VEKA PVC windows can even look like wooden windows.

These windows may have different colors inside and outside. They can be adapted to any customer’s wishes and requirements. The lowest prices of VEKA window profiles in the Alphaline, Artline system are from about PLN 450. If we decide to order their assembly and disassembly of old windows, their price will increase. For example, in the installation of these windows we will pay about PLN 500, and with the dismantling of old windows the price will be about PLN 550. We pay the smallest Perfectline series windows from around PLN 200.

VEKA window system – an overview of the company’s offer

Artline 82 is a six-chamber window system that has a building depth and a door frame width of 90 mm. This window system allows very good thermal protection. This VEKA window system is considered ultra-modern.

These are PVC windows that are characterized by very good functionality and interesting design. They have frameless glazing optics. It is a profile construction that consists of optically hiding the outside of the window sash frame behind the frame of the window frame and the possibility of almost completely covering the window frame of the window behind the insulation of the building made, for example, from polystyrene.

The windows of this series give the effect of frames almost invisible from the outside and large glazing surfaces compared to other window systems. These VEKA profiles are used in new construction and renovation of old buildings.

Alphaline 90

Another proposition that this manufacturer has to offer are Alphaline 90 window profiles. These windows on the VEKA profile have a six-chamber system characterized by the depth of installation and the frame width, which are 90 mm. This system is designed to provide very effective thermal protection.

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These VEKA windows, even in the case of a standard pane and frame without a thermal insert, give very good thermal insulation. The variant with triple glazing and a thermal insert is an excellent solution for energy-saving, i.e. passive houses and for thermal insulation. They come in two-glass and three-glass variants.

The triple gasket system with the central gasket guarantees excellent tightness, heat and sound insulation. These seals are aesthetic in gray. They are mounted during the extrusion process, they can be joined together by welding. The purpose of these seals is thermal insulation, protection against unwanted air exchange, and drainage of water and dirt.

Softline 82 AD

The Softline series is a very popular VEKA window profile. One of the products in this series is the Softline 82 AD profile. It has softly outlined shapes. Windows with this profile are characterized by a multi-chamber structure. Three chambers give very good thermal and sound insulation.

Softline 82 AD profiles have double-surface gaskets, which are fixed with a slope of 15O, they are flush with the profile, which guarantees effective water drainage. In addition, a special seal with a chamber perfectly protects against the penetration of moisture and air.

These windows have perfectly smooth surfaces made of plastic that is completely resistant to weathering and aging, and they do not require painting. They are also characterized by a special wing reinforcement structure that guarantees excellent statics and safety. They have additional frame ribs, which ensures stable fastening of the fittings. The special design of the front chamber of the frame provides excellent drainage.